The Battle For Turkey's Education System Equal Times, 11 Mart 2015

Intellectuals sceptical as government lifts publication bans. Ses Türkiye, 28 Aralık 12

Education Researcher Ayan Ceyhan: Elective Kurdish course offers too little. Today's Zaman, 02 Nisan 2012

Abant Platform proposes mother tongue education., 14 Mart 2012

Weeding the military out of education., 16 February 2012

Sociologist Çayır says education should be non-sterile, touch on sensitive topics., 5 Eylül 2011

Teachers to be taught on prejudice. Hürriyet Daily News, 26 Nisan 2011

Old stereotypes give way to new textbooks in Turkey. Hürriyet Daily News, 4 Mart 2011

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