Center for Sociology and Education Studies (SEÇBİR)

Founded in November 2010, SEÇBİR aims to increase information and knowledge sharing between primary and secondary school teachers and academia by acting as a bridge between the two fields. SEÇBİR develops materials on how to deal with concepts such as identity, multilingual education, discrimination, democracy, citizenship, poverty, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity in primary and secondary schools, as well as arranges educational seminars and conducts field research in schools on these issues.


Our Objectives

  • Developing materials on how to address the topics of identity, modernization, secularization, democratization, citizenship, poverty and discrimination in education and organizing seminars relevantly
  • Organizing teacher training seminars
  • Setting common ground for academically produced studies to be shared with educators while materials produced by educators to be shared with academics
  • Expanding the studies run by the Department of Sociology in cooperation with high-school teachers and pupils on topics like urbanization, youth, and discrimination
  • Studying sociology textbooks specifically and all textbooks in general
  • Providing consultancy to governmental and non-governmental organizations on bilingual education, discrimination in education, citizenship, democracy and human rights